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  1. Installing Ghost.

    I have been working on my new blog design for the past three days using Ghost, a Node.js blogging platform, and yesterday I got stuck trying to upload it to Heroku. I went to all of the process of modifying the config.js with all of my server settings…

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  2. Arrived at the [coding] house

    Today I finally arrived at San Jose International Airport to begin the journey. The program begins tomorrow with the introduction of all of the students (I was the first to arrive so I got to choose my bed and working station :P) and what the program is going to be…

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  3. On my way to Coding House Institute

    I recently got accepted to Coding House Institute and begin on January 25th, 2015. Coding House is a fully immersive program which prepares students to become Web Developers and change their lives in 60 days. I will be posting regularly about my days in the program.…

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