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Installing Ghost.

I have been working on my new blog design for the past three days using Ghost, a Node.js blogging platform, and yesterday I got stuck trying to upload it to Heroku. I went to all of the process of modifying the config.js with all of my server settings but at the end it crashed because Heroku was being arrogant and not accepting my settings (settings that Heroku itself gave me...).

I decided to go with Heroku Buttons and make a one click installation and then upload all of my settings and configurations using SSH and Terminal. I finally got it going and it is working perfectly fine, the next step is to redirect my domain - Click here! - and I'm done and ready to blog.

Although doing Heroku Buttons was easier, I'm glad I took the hard way first to set up, upload, and configure everything myself to Heroku using Terminal because it lets me know I am getting better and better at using Terminal and github.