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  1. Setting Up Gulp for the First Time

    How To Set Up Gulp Tasks First and foremost, what is Gulp.js? The simple answer is: Gulp.js is a Task/Build runner that makes use of pipes for streaming data that needs to be processed. So, how can Gulp.js help during the development process? There are many…

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  2. Simple Aplicación Web - Parte I - Node.js

    Pido disculpas por errores gramáticos, llevo muchos años viviendo en USA y todo lo que aprendi fue en ingles. ENGLISH VERSION HERE En la próxima serie de artículos vamos a construir una simple aplicación usando Node.js, Hapi.js, Angular.js y MongoDB. Que es Node.js? La respuesta rápida:…

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  3. Simple Web App - Part I - Node.js

    Version en Español AQUI PART II PART III PART IV In the next set of articles we are going to build a simple app using Node.js, Hapi.js, Angular.js and MongoDB. What is Node.js? The quick answer: Node is Javascript on the server. Node.js works on…

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  4. APIs made easy

    For the past week or two we have been working a lot with APIs. We have used the Twitter API, the Facebook API, the Weather Underground API and many others. From what I've learned APIs are one of the most important concepts in the web development industry. But first let…

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  5. Hackathon 101

    Two weeks into our coding bootcamp at codinghouse we decided to attend our first hackathon. We registered to attend @developerweek as our first hackathon experience. We are beginners in this industry but we took it as a way to get more experience and network with recruiters that attend the event.…

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